How To Embroider With Buttons

How To Embroider With Buttons
Have you tried sewing buttons or incorporating them into your embroidery projects? It's fun, it's easy - and there are no limits to how many types of projects or reasons you can combine hand stitching and buttons - once you get started it is truly addictive!

In this video tutorial May Flaum will walk you through the basics of adding buttons to embroidery projects. You could use these ideas on denim, the collar of a T-shirt, a tote bag, a decorative pillow case, and so much more! Once you're done stitching buttons in place you could also turn your fabric into a satchel, decorative pocket, or even stitch onto paper for a card or scrapbook!
What You'll Need:
Micro buttons
Sew-thru buttons
Other supplies recommended for embroidery projects: Embroidery thread and needle, stabilizer (if desired/if having issues), embroidery hoop, scissors, and optional is an erasable pencil/pen to draw design
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