Make It For Mom Project #1: Memento Box

Make It For Mom Project #1: Memento Box


Share a whole bunch of hugs and kisses with this adorable DIY treat box. This project is a fun activity to make along with younger children or a quick homemade gift for busy, budgeting adults! You can also add a meaningful quote or poem to the inside of the lid with sharpie or a thin pain brush for an extra special touch. We love how easy pre-made wooden boxes make DIY crafting! Just add decorative flowers, paint, glitter, buttons, ribbons, and other embellishments for unlimited design possibilities. These painted boxes can be filled with all sorts of goodies...chocolates, jewelry, spa products, photos, or other handmade gifts. Pick her favorite colors and treats for a gift she is sure to treasure.

What you need:
Dress It Up buttons: Glitter Butterflies and Field Of Happiness, wooden box, spray paint, acrylic paints, and Chocolate kisses- we used Hersey's Classic Kisses, but you can use your Mom's favorite chocolates or candies. 

1. Start your box off by painting a base layer. We used spray paint, but acrylic paints will also work well for this step. (CAUTION: always use spray paint outside or in a well ventilated room). Keep applying layers, letting each layer fully dry before adding another, until you have a uniform and clean look.

2. Let completely dry. 

3. Start painting! If your child's hand is small enough, have them use the acrylic paints to add a hand print. You can also paint flowers, hearts or use tape for a fun geometric design. Use your imagination and have fun!

4. Let your painted designs dry.

5. Start decorating with whatever your heart desires! Use a hot glue gun to add Dress It Up embellishments, flowers, ribbons, glitter, paper hearts & more.

6. Fill your box with goodies. 

Thank you for crafting with us! Join us next time for more Dress It Up fun.

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