Make It For Mom Project #3: Painted Flower Pots

Make It For Mom Project #3: Painted Flower Pots

A gift perfect for Moms with a green thumb! Painted flower pots are great additions to home, porch, or yard decor, but the best thing about this craft is it can be adjusted for any age group! Pre-paint or pre-tape a pot for a younger child to decorate, or get really creative with the taping and layering to make a more complex design. Perfect for artistic teenagers or adults. Use painters tape, brushes or fingers to create something Mom will cherish. Add your favorite plants and succulents (real or faux), or gift with some seeds and let your Mom do the planting! 

What you need:
DIU Embellishment , flower pot, acrylic paints, paint brushes, hot glue gun, seed packs (optional), cutters or scissors. 
  1. Using painter's tape, section off or create patterns on the pot.
  2. Paint your pot with acrylics or spray paint. Let dry. 
  3. Carefully remove the painter's tape. Repeat steps as many times as you want to create complex designs or an ombre effect. 
  4. (Optional) Snip the backs off the Dress It Up embellishments and use your glue gun to attach to your painted pot. 
  5. (Optional) Add goggly eyes, ribbons, and more!
  6. Add soil and flowers, seed packs, your mom's favorite goodies or whatever else you would like to place inside. 

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Thank you for crafting with us! Join us next time for more Dress It Up fun.

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