Make It For Mom Project #4: Disney Drink Charms

Make It For Mom Project #4: Disney Drink Charms

Make Mother's Day magical with these DIY Disney drink charms. These charms make great last minute gifts for Mother's Day or any occasion. All you need is Dress It Up's Disney embellishments, magnets, and waterproof glue. Mom not a wine-lover? Thats okay, these charms can be used with coffee mugs or regular glasses. They even make cute homemade fridge magnets when you're not using them with your drinks! Make a whole set for when your mom has her friends over, or for a fun addition to a family dinner or summer party. 

**Not recommended for small children as magnets could be a choking hazard. 

What you need:
DIU Embellishments , strong magnets, waterproof glue, clear nail polish or spray clear coat. 
  1. Snip the backs off the Dress It Up embellishments and use your waterproof glue, we used Gorilla Glue, to attach one of the magnets to the back. Let dry.
  2. (Optional) To avoid staining your charms with drinks like wine or fruit punch, use a clear coat or clear nail polish, to paint the charm. Make sure to paint the front and back. Let dry. 
  3. (Optional) Print out or buy a Mother's Day card and add charms by placing the card between the two magnets. Or pair with your Mom's favorite bottle of wine. 
  4. To clean your charms, gently hand-wash with dish-soap. 

Download and print out our Disney Mother's Day card here.

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Thank you for crafting with us! Join us next time for more Dress It Up fun.

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