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Our History

Jesse James and Co. was formed in 1986. We sold to Garment Manufacturers, primarily in the New York City Area and throughout the Northeast US. In 1992, we put novelty buttons into a pack and created the button embellishment for the emerging do-it-yourself craft industry.

In 1992, there were very little in the way of embellishments. Stores would have 30 feet of space showing acrylic pieces in several different shapes and colors. Jesse James promoted the "Just say no to boring embellishments campaign" ( an acrylic with a line drawn through it)  With our new themed button embellishments, the crafter could now personalize with something that really meant a lot to them.  Baseball Gloves, Ballet Slippers, Teddy Bears, Smiley Faces etc.

Dress It Up became the darling of the industry and became the staple 3D embellishment in all of the craft stores. Ten crafters could buy the same craft surface but by Dressing this surface Up in a personalized manner, the end result would be 10 totally different crafts. Our brand has continued to have a huge following since those early years.  Every year we get better with new and updated designs.

Our Commitment to Creativity 

Happiness is a universal language and our products speak it around the world. We have countless customers who have purchased our products simply because they made them smile.

Not just for sewing! Our embellishments are a hard surface and work well with crafting adhesives. That means there are no limits on what the maker can create. All Dress It Up Embellishments are durable, ensuring the time and effort spent on creating something will last a long time.

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