Our Wholesale Program

How Do I Apply For A Wholesale Account?


Step 1: Fill-out the Wholesale Account Application Form and submit.

Step 2: Wait for a confirmation email from our team.

Step 3: Once you recieve a confirmation email. You will be able to see wholesale pricing when logged into your account. 


What Wholesale Discount Can I Expect?


60% OFF Dress It Up packs

45% OFF Disney themed packs

Wholesale carts have a minimum order value of $150 after discounts. Shipping is not included in the cart value. 

Wholesale discounts are our best pricing for items, we cannot apply discounts on top of already wholesale discounted items.


What Is Not Included?


Wholesale discounts do not apply to bulk, bundle or assortment products. Limited edition packs and Jesse James Beads items are also excluded from our wholesale programs.

Disney button embellishments are only to be sold in the USA/Canada and Puerto Rico. They are NOT permitted to be added to an item for resale or for the international market.  

International Wholesale

Please contact us for a name of a stocking distributor in Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Puerto Rico, New Zealand 

Looking For Jesse James Beads Wholesale pricing?

See Jesse James Beads for more information about wholesale pricing.