Monogram Letter Decoration

Monogram Letter Decoration
Have you ever wanted to decorate a monogram for your own home décor, or perhaps as a gift? Join Tricia Giazzon as she shares how she is using hot glue, a bit of paint, and plenty of Dress It Up Buttons to embellish this special monogram in colors perfect for gifting.

Looking to make this a family project? Simply swap out hot glue for liquid adhesive of your choice so the kids can get in on the decorating! It makes for a lot of family crafting fun and is a great way to create together.

What You'll Need:

Confetti Buttons 
Vintage Vogue buttons
Other supplies: Monogram letter, Acrylic Paint, Hot Glue (or liquid adhesive)
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Thank you for crafting with us! Join us next time for more Dress It Up fun.Your Friends At Dress It Up Buttons

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